Who We Are

Members of the STH Coalition have organized under one roof to collaborate and coordinate efforts to:

  • Catalyze the demand for and scale-up of deworming programs
  • Facilitate efforts to prevent reinfection and reduce STH transmission through a multipronged approach
  • Highlight and disseminate effective tools for reaching STH control goals
  • Support the implementation of the STH Advisory Committee recommendations on the scientific and programmatic elements of STH control

What We Do


The term “coverage” refers to reaching the people around the world who are in need of preventive chemotherapy (PC) against intestinal worm infections with deworming drugs. STH Coalition members who conduct deworming work together to identify gaps in coverage and ways to extend drug coverage to populations that are most in need. In 2018, Coalition members came together to establish a work group to address access to quality generic drugs.

Women of Reproductive Age (WRA)

Since its inception, the STH Coalition has acknowledged WRA as an important focus for deworming because of illness related to hookworm infections. STH Coalition members address operational questions around treating WRA and promote awareness about the STH burden in WRA.

Data Quality

The STH Coalition works to improve the quality and use of data to guide programmatic decision-making for STH control.

In 2018, a Monitoring & Evaluation work group was set up to contribute tools and strategic processes related to measuring progress towards STH program goals.


On behalf of the Coalition, the Secretariat advocates for the implementation of comprehensive and sustainable STH control programs and efforts. We provide opportunities for joint information sharing and learning, and support implementation of best practices. The STH Coalition Secretariat is managed by Children Without Worms.

2018-2020 STH Coalition Work Plan

How We Work

The STH Coalition Action Group is a small, active group of partners drawn from the larger STH Coalition who provide leadership to approve, oversee, organize, and provide support to implement the priorities of the STH Coalition. In addition, this group fosters cross-sector coordination to address the complexity of STH through efforts ranging from poverty reduction to public health research to improved sanitation — for a comprehensive response.

Join Us

What does it mean to be an STH Coalition Partner? For more information about becoming a partner, please contact STHCoalition@taskforce.org.

Coalition Members