Published: August 27, 2020 | File type: PDF

Site Selection Guide for ICSPM

Rochelle Medford, CWW Intern (CWW Mentor: Dr. Rubina Imtiaz)

The “ICSPM Site Selection Guide” was developed to systematize the process of selecting which implementation sub-unit/s within a country would be most fitting for conducting a survey. It also provides a framework for choosing survey objectives that best fit with the country’s strategic plan and goals.

This guide serves as a generalizable decision tool that can be applied to any country where all parties have indicated that conducting ICSPM aligns with the country’s national program goals, such as eliminating STH as a public health problem. The selection criteria are not meant to be exhaustive, rather to provide guidance on approaching and prioritizing survey area selection and should be further adapted to the country situation and needs.

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