Published: January 13, 2021 | File type: PDF

Qualitative systematic literature review of global soil-transmitted helminthiasis prevalence and intensity studies

Michael R. Diaz, Jasmine Irish, Zena Belay, Stacy Davlin, Alexander Jones, Rubina Imtiaz

Author Summary

STH prevalence and intensity measures form the basis of WHO goals and action thresholds for national programs in endemic countries. Considering the importance of these STH burden measures, we conducted a published literature review from 2006 (start of drug donations) through 2018 to study the quality and distribution of evidence. We grouped the resulting studies according to their possible utility and application towards tracking the WHO and national program progress. Results confirmed the paucity and diversity of study methods, challenging generalization across regions or even countries, and lost efficiency of sparse research resources in this area. We conclude by suggesting standardized approaches to guide research that is closely linked to program actions and can guide global policy and progress.