Posted: May 26, 2020

Cassandra Holloway, MBA

Program Support Specialist

As Project Support Specialist, Cassandra leads the NTD Supply Chain Forum, a unique public-private partnership that includes some of the world’s leading experts in pharmaceutical supply chain systems for donated drugs. Cassandra ensures that partners such as the World Health Organization, pharma donors, and implementing partners (NGOs) work together to ensure that needed medicines make it the many miles from their point of manufacture to endemic countries and eventually to the communities that need them. Cassandra also assists with the management of albendazole, a drug donated by GSK for the treatment of intestinal worms and lymphatic filariasis. In her current role, she has seen a record billion-plus treatments of albendazole shipped to 87 countries in a single year. Her experience at the Task Force for Global Health also includes project management, accounting, budgeting, and data analysis. Before she found her passion in public health, Cassandra worked for several years in the private sector, managing large scale commercial real estate projects.

Cassandra holds a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental health from East Tennessee State University and a Masters of Business Administration from Georgia State University.