Posted: September 29, 2020

Video highlights Bangladesh’s success in fighting intestinal worms

Children receive deworming drugs as part of a community-based campaign, Bangladesh, October 2019

CWW is delighted to share a new video that showcases our collaborative efforts to control and prevent intestinal worm infections in Bangladesh. Working in close partnership with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh, and other partners for over 10 years, CWW has been supporting disease surveillance activities to improve the quality and range of public health interventions in endemic communities. The short video makes it evident that public health interventions such as intestinal worm control are the result of the dedicated efforts of public health professionals at different levels of the public health and education systems, including community health workers, medical officers, pharmacists, logisticians, school teachers, and community members like Ms. Mosammat Aleya, who talks about her experiences with the community-based deworming program in Saidpur, Bangladesh.

Our partnership in Bangladesh has been made possible through sustained funding from Johnson & Johnson, whose deworming drug donations since 2006 have scaled-up the global STH control program.

Watch the video here.