Wormy Facts

Wormy Facts

More than 1.5 billion people, nearly one-fourth of the world’s population, are infected with STH infections worldwide.

Wormy Facts

Wormy Facts

Globally, 1,072,888,024 children needed treatment in 2018.

Wormy Facts

Wormy Facts

WHO defines STH as a public health problem when >1% of the at-risk population has infection of moderate or high intensity with one or more soil-transmitted helminths (roundworm, whipworm, or hookworm).

Wormy Facts

Wormy Facts

In 2019, 94 countries needed preventive chemotherapy (PC) for STH, based on prevalence.

Wormy Facts

Wormy Facts

Globally, 576.4 million children in need of treatment were reported as treated in 2018, corresponding to an estimated global coverage of 53.7%.

Our work focuses on three pillars:

  • Country Support

    We support and build the capacity of national STH programs to ensure effective and efficient delivery of interventions.

  • Partnerships & Advocacy

    We build consensus among a broad group of stakeholders and seek to minimize duplication of efforts in advancing STH interventions.

  • Technical Leadership

    We provide scientific leadership to advocate for evidence-based approaches for the control of intestinal worm infections.

We acknowledge the critical support of our core funding partners:

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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - @NTD_NGOs Chair, Kisito Ogoussan talks about the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration to achieve #NTDroadmap2030 targets at the @WHO webinar on partnerships.

Innovative thinking has no boundaries. If you have a new 💡idea to #beatNTDs, the Ascend Learning & Innovation Fund wants to hear from you.

Cycle 3 applications open February 2021.

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ICYMI! Our #STHAdvisoryCommittee met in October 2020 to review and recommend policy & guidelines to #stoptheworms #beatNTDs! Read more about STH, sustainability & #universalhealthcoverage!


Anouk Gouvras (@SciAnouk) talks about the great strides made with #WASH and #NTDs, targeting multiple diseases at once. "Diseases don't occur in a vacuum" and require multifaceted approaches to address them.

#BeatNTDs #NTDRoadMap2030 #BuildBackBetter

Bringing together different partners, within a single disease like #schistosomiasis, is important. It helps us looks at all the different aspects of a disease and its treatment in a community says @SciAnouk from @elimin8schisto at @WHO #NTDRoadMap2030 webinar.

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