July 14,2010
7/14/10 - CWW treats 20 million school children in 2009 and 2010 with mebendazole donations. In 2009 and 2010, Johnson & Johnson donated over 30 million doses of mebendazole to treat 20 million school-age children in its eight recipient countries. Since the first year of the donation in 2007, Johnson & Johnson has donated over 100 million doses of mebendazole.
July 12,2010
7/12/10 - Mebendazole Advisory Committee (MAC) holds 6th meeting to discuss accomplishments and future plans for CWW. CWW's Mebendazole Advisory Committee (MAC) recently held their 6th meeting in which they discussed achievements in 2009 and CWW's 5-year strategic plan. Participants included representatives of the Carter Center, Gates Foundation, Inter-American Development Bank, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Pan-American Health Organization, World Health Organization, Zerc...
May 20,2010
5/20/10 - CWW launches Global NGO Deworming Inventory web site to complement the WHO PCT databank. We've just launched the prototype for the Global NGO Deworming Inventory that will complement the WHO PCT databank with data on the deworming activities of NGOs around the world. Visit the site to learn what the Inventory is, how the data it collects will be used, and if you're eligible to participate in it. If you are eligible and have reviewed the Data Use and Sharing Policy, please c...