October 11,2018
Please join CWW for their presentation of two posters at the 2018 American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. Presentations will be on view on Mo...
September 8,2016
Read our September 2016 edition of the CWW Quarterly Dose.  
September 4,2016
A key World Health Organization (WHO)-defined STH milestone is that 100% of countries requiring preventive chemotherapy (PC) for STH have NTD plans of action (POA) by 2015. To measure this indicator, between December 2014 and August 2015 CWW collected national NTD POAs from WHO, national programs, and implementing partners.  Read the NTD Plans of Action here >  Read the final report here >
August 19,2016
Nominations for NNN Vice-Chair   The Executive Committee is accepting nominations for Vice-Chair of the NTD NGDO Network (NNN).  The Vice-Chair will serve one two-year term and then move to the position of Chair and then Past-Chair.  Each term is for two years.  The Vice-Chair will support the Chair and other members of the Executive Committee to execute their roles and responsibilities as outlined in the NNN Terms of Reference. It is important to note that the NNN...
August 17,2016
Children Without Worms is pleased to announce that our parent organization, The Task Force for Global Health, based in Decatur, Georgia, USA, is the recipient of the prestigious 2016 Hilton Humanitarian Prize, awarded by the Conrad H. Hilton Foundation. Children Without Worms is one of eight core Task Force for Global Health programs. The prize honors the over 30 years of work by The Task Force in the humanitarian sector. For the press release from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, please clic...
June 13,2016
Read our May 2016 edition of the CWW Quarterly Dose.  
April 4,2016
"The fecal oral route, not a journey to read about over a meal time, not romantic like stories of the ancient silk route, and not spectacular like driving along the Amalfi Coast of Italy. But it is a route taken every day by pathogens affecting millions of children from very low-income families." Read more of Warren Lancaster's blog about intestinal worms and the importance of WASH here. 
February 22,2016
Children Without Worms is excited to present the NTD Supply Chain Forum’s release of their first informational flyer, THE NEGLECTED TROPICAL DISEASES SUPPLY CHAIN FORUM, PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE.  This flyer outlines the history of the NTD Supply Chain Forum and some of the key successes. Please feel free to pass this wonderful flyer along to others.
January 7,2016
STH Advisory Committee Recommendations Oct 2015
January 7,2016
Paraguay’s National Guidelines