July 31,2018
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November 18,2016
Without available quality medicines and supplies, treating  neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) is an impossiblity. As with any public health program, effective intervention delivery relies on the right materials reaching the right people at the right place and time. Supply chains make program implementation possible. The appropriate use of technology is an important enabler of effective supply chain management. To foster effective NTD supply chain efforts, including through the use of appro...
November 3,2016
Date: October 15, 2016   Historically, neglected tropical diseases have received few resources and little attention despite the magnitude of human suffering they cause. In recent years, health has been identified as a human right,[1] and in the Americas, national governments are responding to the rights-based call.   In August in Lima, Peru, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) convened representatives from 17 countries in the Americas to increase attention and actio...
September 21,2016
PRESS RELEASE New Director of Children Without Worms, Dr. Rubina Imtiaz ATLANTA, GA September 21, 2016   Children Without Worms (CWW), a program of the Task Force for Global Health, is pleased to share that Dr. Rubina Imtiaz has been selected as our new program director. In November 2016, Dr. Imtiaz will take over from Dr. David Addiss who has served as the Director since 2011. An internist by training, Dr. Imtiaz entered public health in 1984 when she joined the US Cent...
September 8,2016
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September 4,2016
A key World Health Organization (WHO)-defined STH milestone is that 100% of countries requiring preventive chemotherapy (PC) for STH have NTD plans of action (POA) by 2015. To measure this indicator, between December 2014 and August 2015 CWW collected national NTD POAs from WHO, national programs, and implementing partners.  Read the NTD Plans of Action here >  Read the final report here >
August 19,2016
Nominations for NNN Vice-Chair   The Executive Committee is accepting nominations for Vice-Chair of the NTD NGDO Network (NNN).  The Vice-Chair will serve one two-year term and then move to the position of Chair and then Past-Chair.  Each term is for two years.  The Vice-Chair will support the Chair and other members of the Executive Committee to execute their roles and responsibilities as outlined in the NNN Terms of Reference. It is important to note that the NNN...
June 13,2016
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April 4,2016
"The fecal oral route, not a journey to read about over a meal time, not romantic like stories of the ancient silk route, and not spectacular like driving along the Amalfi Coast of Italy. But it is a route taken every day by pathogens affecting millions of children from very low-income families." Read more of Warren Lancaster's blog about intestinal worms and the importance of WASH here. 
January 7,2016
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