We are driven by our vision of a world in which children are healthy and develop to their full potential.

Children Without Worms (CWW) is driven by our mission and vision. We promote relationships and networks among partners and capture, develop, and share STH information and best practices for use in the field. Our work focuses on four pillars:

  • Country Support
  • Partnerships and Advocacy
  • Knowledge Management
  • Technical and Scientific Collaboration

We convene leaders and forge partnerships among key members of the STH control community through our management of the Secretariats for the STH Coalition and the STH Advisory Committee. The STH Coalition is a multi-sectoral group of over 50 members – and growing – committed to developing and implementing collaborative strategies to control STH. The STH Advisory Committee is a group of independent experts who provide technical and scientific advice on STH control to donors, STH researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and the broader STH community.

CWW has worked to achieve our vision in a variety of ways, through:

  • Serving as Secretariat for both the STH Coalition and the STH Advisory Committee
  • Collaborating with a variety of partners, including Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, the World Health Organization, government ministries of health and education, and multilateral donor agencies and non-governmental organizations
  • Cultivating trusted relationships with government ministries, NGOs and other stakeholders
  • Providing technical expertise and leveraging relational capital to affect change through the capabilities of our partners
  • Capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively utilizing organizational knowledge for the STH control community
  • Facilitating, with many partners, more than 176 million Vermox™ treatments of school-age children at risk of STH in 14 countries (from 2007 – 2013)
  • Conducting regional and national capacity building, collaborating in research, and assisting in developing health education programs

CWW promotes our mission of enhancing the health and development of children by reducing intestinal worm infections through our work in country support, partnerships and advocacy, knowledge management, and technical and scientific collaboration.